Our Laser Commitment

We are committed to offering you endless possibilities within the laser etching world. SEIC stands in a class of its own with the marriage of large scale (6'x10') laser capabilities and large scale (80"x160") abrasive waterjet cutting. We invite you, your designs, and most importantly your imagination to explore the possibilities of a one of a kind, cutting edge service.

SEIC takes pride in the handling of your designs and concepts. Weither you provide the material or we hand select the materials for your project we inspect and ensure the best in quality. SEIC offers an array of pre-made designs or have their design team create a one of a kind work of interior or exterior art for you!

With our 6 foot by 10 foot working envelope SEIC can achieve one piece laser engravings on a wide variety substrates in uncommonly large sizes. This capability allows us to create massive works of art with minimual seams and amplified impact.