Our Laser Services

SEIC is a leader in CO2 laser etching, laser engraving, and laser marking. Our modern, high-tech facility is located in central Denver, just south of 6th Avenue and I-25.

We specialize in large scale laser etching and light laser cutting with one of the largest and fastest CO2 lasers in the world. Our laser bed can handle 6' by 10' by 2' thick substrates with speeds up to an incredible 175 inches per second!

Laser etched murals and mosaics provide a strikingly unique, high impact, impression to any corporate lobby, hotel, restaurant, bar, or home game room. Whether installed in floors, on walls, windows, indoors or out, these high quality murals are an unprecedented addition to any architectural space.

The design of your choice whether it is a custom image you provide, or one of the many designs the Sterling Edge design team has to offer, is laser etched into a hand selected, high quality, material of your choice.

Common surfaces for laser etched murals and architectural motif's are:

  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Tile
  • Acrylics